The best healthy meal delivery services in Australia, rated

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard work thanks to these nourishing pre-prepared meals. 

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Best meal delivery service for: The whole family

Avoid dinner disagreements with a delivery of wholesome, family-friendly recipes. With recipes to suit carnivores and vegetarians alike, you’ll also be given optional ingredients to suit more adventurous eaters.

Shop it: Hello Fresh, from $75.93 per week (incl. delivery) at Hello Fresh

Best meal delivery service for: The time poor

Want dinner in just five steps? You’ve got it. Simply pick the delivery day and wait for your box of pre-portioned, locally sourced ingredients to arrive.

Shop it: Dinnerly, from $52.45 per week (incl. delivery), at Dinnerly

Best delivery service for the: Detoxers

Give your insides a spring-clean with a potent mix of smoothies, juices, broths and soups. Packed with leafy greens, herbs and adaptogens, they provide the ultimate pre-summer reboot.

Shop it: Orchard St Spring Cleanse, from $90 per day (plus delivery), at Orchard St

Best meal delivery service for: Special dietary requirements

With meals to suit almost every type of diet (think vegetarian, vegan, keto and gluten-free), clean eating has never been easier.

Shop it: Be Fit Food, from $52.95 per week (plus delivery), at Be Fit Food

Best meal delivery service for: Healing from within

On a mission to curb the rising tide of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, chronic inflammation and type 2 diabetes, these nutritionist-approved meals are designed to help you shift excess weight and support your physical and mental health.

Shop it: Thr1ve, from $34.85 per week (plus delivery), at Th1ve

Best meal delivery service for: Healthy snacks

Discover the latest in healthy eating with a monthly delivery of nutritious treats, drinks and delicious snacks.

Shop it: GoodnessMe Health Box, from $31.95 per month (incl. delivery), at GoodnessMe

Best meal delivery service for: Weight trainers

Spend more time working out and less time in the kitchen with these high-protein meals. Whether it’s increasing muscle mass, controlling your kilojoule intake or boosting your performance, there’s a plan for you.

Shop it: My Muscle Chef, from $112.20 a week (incl. delivery), at My Muscle Chef

Best meal delivery service for: Ethical eaters

Get your fill of ethically sourced game meats with this monthly delivery service. From lean ground venison patties to wild eye fillet and backstrap, there’s a box to suit every kind of chef.

Shop it: Discovered Wildfoods, from $99 (incl. delivery), at Delivered Wildfoods

Best meal delivery service for: Fussy eaters

Treat your tastebuds to the simple-but-delicious recipes from Marley Spoon. Choose between a weekly selection of meat, fish, vegetarian or low-kilojoule dishes.

Shop it: Marley Spoon, from $58.95 per week (incl delivery), at Marley Spoon

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