The best bread machines to make your stress baking less stressful

Calm your mind through the wonders of baking, and enjoy the health benefits of homemade bread while you’re at it. These real-person reviews speak volumes!

With self-isolation sweeping the country, it seems as though everyone’s desire to bake has been sent into overdrive.

There’s something about the precision and focus required for baking that makes for a comforting distraction from the chaos outside our doors.

And if my Instagram feed (and the empty supermarket shelves) are anything to go by, it seems that now is the time everyone has chosen to take up bread making as a self-iso hobby.

But between maintaining your mental health, your physical health and your general work-life balance, it seems that not even quarantine provides enough hours in the day to knead a messy, sticky dough or wait for a sourdough starter to ferment properly.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joys of comfort baking. We’ve rounded up the best versatile and easy-to-use bread makers that will save you time and help you create healthy, preservative-free baked goods to enjoy in while in lockdown.

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The Bread Baker by Breville

Breville’s Bread Baker has 12 programs from sweet to savoury. It has different crust options so suit your preference, plus different sizes (in case you don’t feel inclined to eat a huge loaf on your own!) If waking up to the smell of fresh bread is your thing, there’s a 15-hour delay setting. The automatic dispenser feature is great for healthy mix-ins like seeds, grains, nuts and fruits, so you can make your bread full of nutritious extras!

Review: “As a solo, I did not want a baker that made too big loaves so the ability to choose one with three size options suited me.” – Doodleanne.

Where to get it: Bing Lee for $159

Automatic Bread Maker by Panasonic

The Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker will help you make everything from healthier sourdoughs and nutritious rye bread, to gluten-free and wholegrain loaves. It also has an automatic yeast, fruit, seed, grain and nut dispenser, as well as a temperature sensor to keep things on track.

Review: “Great bread, throw in the ingredients, set the bread maker and best bread ever. I will never buy store bread again.” – Ness.

Where to get it: Bing Lee for $399

The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker by Breville

Featuring a Smart LCD display that shows temperature and baking time, this bread maker is very easily programmable – you can even choose the exact time you want the bread to be ready. You can choose from four loaf sizes, plus there’s an automatic mix-in dispenser for fruits, nuts, and more – so you can customise your own healthy and nutrition-packed recipes. If you don’t feel like bread, it also allows you to experiment with your own healthier homemade pasta and jam. If that’s not enough, it comes with a recipe book featuring an impressive range of yeast-free and gluten-free recipes to suit alternate diets.

Review: “This machine makes the most amazing gluten-free Bread, in fact it is better than a health food brand one that I used to purchase… The bread this machine makes is the best from any bread machine I have ever owned.” – Catherine.

Where to get it: Myer for $399

The Multi Cooker 9 in 1 by Breville

This one’s for the people who want their bread maker to go above and beyond. Among other applications, this machine lets you saute, steam, stew, slow cook, cook quinoa, and make nutritious homemade yoghurts, cheeses and jams – oh, and the bread, of course. All those healthy cooking features make it suitable to basically any diet. Sounds like you’ll be able to throw out all your other appliances!

Review: “I was looking for a bread maker and this makes up for everything in one machine. Love it!” – Shruti

Where to get it: Breville for $349.95

2.0L Premium Stainless Steel Bread Maker by Kogan

This Kogan Bread Maker features 19 programs that produce everything from sourdoughs and multigrain breads to fruit loaves and yoghurts! If waking to the smell of freshly baked bread sounds ideal to you, you’ll love this machine’s 15-hour delay setting which allows you to add ingredients – like nutrition-boosting seeds and grains – and simply set and forget. You can also customise the size and crust shade of your loaf, to suit any kind of household.

Review: “Works perfectly … love the variety of things it can be used for.” – Melanie C.

Where to get it: Kogan for $149