People are sharing their failed self-iso baking attempts, here are 15 of the funniest ones

Many Twitter and Instagram users have been making light of their disastrous self-isolation baking attempts. Here are 15 of the funniest fails that’ll leave you in stitches…

There’s something really soothing about the methodical quietude of baking, and for that reason, millions of people in quarantine are jumping on the self-isolation comfort baking trend.

But from the looks of #bakingfail posts on social media, not everyone is finding pleasure in their oven-cooked masterpieces.

Here we have compiled 15 of the most disastrous – but amusing – baking posts from Twitter and Instagram, that are sure to lighten up your mood.

While some of these ‘fails’ have still turned out to be edible despite looks, there are others which have needed to go in the trash, ASAP. No thank you, scorched cookies….

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1. An accidentally evil Easter bunny cake

2. Next time, remember the flour

3. Yikes! Imagine the smell…

4. Not appetising, but maybe safe to eat?

5. Goodbye portions, hello one giant cookie

6. Just don’t ask…

7. You live and you learn, right?

8. Oh no – it’s overflowing everywhere

9. Baking hack turned #fail

10. “Quarantine made me do it”

11. Is that a unicorn or a dog cake?

12. It’s okay – can still eat it

13. A+ for effort

14. Whoops, what’s happened there?

15. These scrolls have a mind of their own