Justine Schofield’s avocado hummus dip recipe is a healthy crowd pleaser

Vegan, satisfying and full of good fats, avocado takes hummus to the next level.  

Justine Schofield has combined two classics to create a deliciously fresh and healthy dip perfect for your next platter.

Avocado and chickpeas are the perfect plant-based combination providing you with good fats, protein and fibre.

Good fats found in Delcado avocados also help you to absorb the vitamin E and K in chickpeas. Whip it up in just 10 minutes and serve with toasted pita or carrots for a low carb option.

Avocado Hummus

Serves: 4 to share

Prep / Cook Time: 10 mins


• 2 ripe Delcado avocados, plus extra to garnish

• 1 x 400g can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed well

• 1 tablespoon tahini

• 1/2 clove garlic, minced

• Juice 1 small lemon

• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to serve

• 1 tablespoon mixed seeds of your choice

• Suma, to garnish

• Small tortillas, toasted to serve

• Pinch of salt


1. Place the chickpeas, tahini, garlic and a pinch of salt into a food processor and blend to a fine crumb.

2. Add the avocados, lemon juice, oil and blend for a minute until smooth. Adjust seasoning as needed.

3. Spread the hummus into a shallow bowl.

4. Garnish with more avocados, a drizzle of extra olive oil then sprinkle over the mixed seeds and sumac. Serve with toasted tortillas or carrots.

Recipe by Justine Schofield for Delcado avocados.