I just ate an entire Lindt bunny, what should I do?

We’ve all been there. Surrounded by shiny chocolate egg wrappers at 10am on Easter Sunday after throwing that diet motivation out the window.  So, what next?

Easter Sunday is a great excuse for a cheat day, but how much exercise is it really going to take you to burn off that *deliciously delectable* Lindt bunny?

Here to put our Easter foods into perspective is celebrated personal trainer, Michelle Bridges, who has done the hard yards researching our fave go-to treats.

The low-down on the choc front

Red Tulip Giant Seated Rabbit (170g):

  • Total calories: 902
  • Running to burn off: 75 minutes
  • Number of burpees to burn off: 601
  • Number of squats to burn off: 650

Cadbury Creme Egg (39gm):

  • Total calories: 171
  • Running to burn off: 15 minutes
  • Number of burpees to burn off: 114
  • Number of squats to burn off: 124

Dark Chocolate Lindt Bunny (100gm):

  • Total calories: 554
  • Running to burn off: 45 minutes
  • Number of burpees to burn off: 369
  • Number of squats to burn off: 401

Malteser Shaky Egg (175gm):

  • Total calories: 912
  • Running to burn off: 80 minutes
  • Number of burpees to burn off: 608
  • Number of squats to burn off: 661

Supermarket Hot Cross Bun (75gm):

  • Total calories: 217
  • Running to burn off: 20 minutes
  • Number of burpees to burn off: 145
  • Number of squats to burn off: 157

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Those who consider dark chocolate the best option may be surprised to learn that whilst the Dark Chocolate Lindt Bunny contains less sugar than the Milk Chocolate Red Tulip Bunny, it actually contains 24 calories more (per 100 grams) and requires an equivalent total of 369 burpees, 401 squats, or 45 minutes of running to burn off completely.

That’s a hot minute in the gym for sure.

Other Easter treats featured include the world-famous Cadbury Creme Egg, requiring 124 squats to burn off its 171 calories and the classic supermarket Hot Cross Bun, with a total of 217 calories and requiring 145 burpees or 20 minutes of running to burn off

Coming in with the highest calories was the Malteser Shaky Egg at 912 calories, however the Lindt bunny is still more calorie dense per 100 grams.

Despite the metrics, Michelle takes a balanced approach to Easter treats. “I’m always encouraging people to leave the labels behind when it comes to food – no food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – food is just food and it can all be enjoyed as long as we maintain a little perspective and strive to include some exercise in our daily lives. When we do this, we really do reap the benefits of what Easter is all about,” she said.

How do you get back on the clean eating train after the big event?


“Prepare and focus – have some healthy options available to you when you’re faced with those choccy eggs! Try my 12WBT Hot Cross Buns, available in my Easter eBook. Or if chocolate is your vice, dip some strawberries in dark chocolate and bring those out with dessert!”

Eat mindfully

“Be mindful and reduce the guilt. If you do have some choccy or Easter treats over the holiday, try to keep it contained. Don’t let it go on and on across 3 or 4 days. Easter is one day, so enjoy it for one day and then reign it in and keep pushing forward towards your goal.”

Move your body

“Exercise before your meal – Whether it’s 40 burpees or a 30min walk, when you exercise, your body produces natural appetite suppressants. By ensuring that you workout before your Easter lunch, you won’t feel as hungry or tempted to overindulge. This one is also great for your mindset as you can mentally tick off your exercise and enjoy the day guilt free!”

Fresh air

“Get outdoors – As we get closer to winter, now is a great time to get outside and move your body. Vitamin D from the sun and endorphins released during exercise is the perfect combination to boost your mood and keep you/get you back on track.”

Take a new approach

“Try something new. Change can be as good as a holiday. With a short break from the norm over the Easter period, try a new way of exercising. If you usually walk, ride a bike; if you’re a gym goer, try your next run outside; try a new workout class, etc. You might discover a new way to challenge yourself and enjoy your workouts!”