Healthiest chocolate blocks in Aussie supermarkets

Dietitian Melissa Meier dissects the healthiest chocolate blocks on Aussie supermarket shelves to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. 

Let’s get one thing straight: chocolate is not a health food, no matter how far you stretch your imagination (“it comes from beans, right?!”).

Yes, cocoa is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, but most of the chocolate you buy from the supermarket is far from this humble ingredient.

Nonetheless, I know chocolate is something *a lot* of people can’t live without, so I’m willing to work with you on it. After all, deprivation has no place in a healthy diet. But what actually makes for a smarter chocolate choice? And which chocolate block is best? Here’s your dietitian-approved answer.

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Healthy chocolate checklist

One of the best tips I can give you is to look for a block with high percentage of cocoa… The higher you can go, the less sugar the block will have. In case you’re wondering, 100 grams of dark chocolate has around 28 grams of sugar, while the same quantity of milk or white provides about double that.

That’s a good thing, because dark chocolate is rich and bitter, so a little goes a long way. A small amount is usually all you need to satisfy your sweet cravings (in comparison to easy-to-eat white and milk chocolate).

The crucial thing to remember with chocolate that it is a treat – so portion size is key. When you’re eating from a block, I’d recommend you remove a sensible portion (a row of milk chocolate or two to three squares of dark) and put the block away, rather than munching mindlessly from the packet.

Make sure you enjoy it mindfully, too (i.e. let it slowly melt in your mouth so you can savour the flavour), rather than staring at the television or your Instagram feed. That’ll help you feel more satisfied, and less likely to go back for more.

The healthiest chocolate bars in Australia

1. Pico Super Dark (85 per cent) ($6 at Woolworths)

This block earned top spot because it contains just 3 simple ingredients: cocoa solids, organic sugar and vanilla pods.

Per 100g:

  • 2580kJ (623cal)
  • 10g protein
  • 32g sat fat
  • 14g sugar
  • 10mg sodium

2. Lindt Excellence 90 per cent Cocoa Supreme Dark ($4.49 at Harris Farms)

Per 100g

  • 2480kJ (593cal)
  • 10g protein
  • 30g sat fat
  • 7g sugar
  • 12mg sodium

3. Alter Eco Deepest Dark Super Blackout (90 per cent) ($5.95 at DoorstepOrganics)

Per 100g:

  • 2703kJ (647cal)
  • 8.1g protein
  • 35.2g sat fat
  • 8.8g sugar
  • 0mg sodium

4. Frey Supreme Extra Dark 85 per cent ($2.50 at Woolworths)

Per 100g:

  • 2470kJ (591cal)
  • 10.4g protein
  • 30.4g sat fat
  • 12.9g sugar
  • 10mg sodium

5. Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate (85 per cent) ($4.25 at Coles)

Per 100g:

  • 2510kJ (600cal)
  • 10.4g protein
  • 29.8g sat fat
  • 14.2g sugar
  • 50mg sodium

6. Coles Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate 85 per cent Cocoa ($2.50 at Coles)

Per 100g:

  • 2490kJ (596cal)
  • 11.8g protein
  • 23g sat fat
  • 15.7g sugar
  • 10mg sodium

7. Perugina Extra Dark Chocolate 85 per cent ($4.99 at Harris Farms)

Per 100g:

  • 2466kJ (597cal)
  • 10g protein
  • 31g sat fat
  • 12g sugar
  • 10mg sodium

8. Moser Roth Finest Dark 85 per cent Cocoa (see price in-store at Aldi)

Per 100g

  • 2500kJ (598cal)
  • 11g protein
  • 30.7g sat fat
  • 13.8g sugar
  • 100mg sodium

9. Loving Earth Dark (72 per cent) ($6.90 at Woolworths)

I particularly liked this variety because it’s sweetened with coconut nectar instead of the usual refined white stuff.

Per 100g:

  • 2347kJ (561cal)
  • 8.6g protein
  • 27.4g sat fat
  • 24.2g sugar
  • 78mg sodium

10. Cadbury Old Gold 70 per cent Cocoa ($3 at Woolworths)

Per 100g:

  • 2320kJ (555cal)
  • 9.7g protein
  • 24.6g sat fat
  • 28.9g sugar
  • 11mg sodium

Melissa Meier is a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian. You can connect with her at or on Instagram @honest_nutrition.