Body+Soul’s top 10 most popular healthy recipes of 2020

Lots of sweets (I mean, can you blame us?), but super healthy salads and a penchant for cauliflower. Here is 2020 in your favourite recipes. 

It’s no understatement that this has been a very, VERY long year. In lockdown, many of us have found it harder to stay in shape with gym and fitness studio closures, while stress and anxiety about the state of affairs has probably impacted our healthy habits for the worse.

Judging by the number of sweet things on this list, it’s clear Body+Soul readers were seeking a healthier alternative to something sweet to help ease the pain of 2020. Yep, we’re right there with you.

Here are our most popular recipes.

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A light, yet filling salad bursting with flavour and texture, this grain salad was a to-die-for Mediterranean dish. Did we mention it’s topped with pomegranate for a tart little garnish? Chef’s kiss.

If you didn’t make these at least once during quarantine, you missed out. These super indulgent-tasting treats are easy and super healthy, being refined sugar, gluten, and dairy-free.

Yes, you may have given into those iso snacks more than you’d like to admit, but if your gut needed a rest or a reset from all the sugar, this salad was ideal.

Just because you probably spent more time at home than you ever have in your life this year didn’t necessarily mean you needed to cook more. In fact, now that most of the strictest isolation is over, it’s likely you don’t ever want to be in your kitchen ever again. These no-cook lunches are perfect for that.

Trying to keep a lid on sugar cravings without depriving yourself? These turmeric glow bars are sweet, healthy and nutritionist-approved. Need we say more?

Delicious definitely doesn’t have to be time-consuming. This epic cauli and feta salad packs a punch without being complicated (hello, 10-minute cook time) and can be served in a myriad of ways. Winner.

Possibly the most versatile ingredient ever, cauliflower makes a star appearance in these choc chip cookies. Bet you weren’t expecting that!

The fewer steps and ingredients, the simpler but no less satisfying. These are great to prep on the weekend for a busy week ahead and they make for the perfect post-workout snack.

Whenever someone offers up a healthy cookie, we instantly pay attention. Throw in quick and easy and you’ve got yourself a recipe that you can whip up every week if you want. No muss, no fuss, and definitely no guilt.

Gut health was a very popular topic this year. This epic cauliflower salad is low-calorie, super healthy, and packed with tummy-loving fibre. It’s great as a main meal or as a side.