and, it actually tastes just like regular wine

Expected to grow 18 percent by 2023, zero alcohol wine has become a lot more sophisticated. We tried the world’s first alcohol-removed Sauvignon Blanc to see how it stacks up.  

One of the challenges of cutting out alcohol is feeling left out when all your friends are drinking around you.

Whether you’re pregnant, the designated driver, doing Dry July, or attempting a fitness challenge, a soft drink or mineral water isn’t always super appealing, and historically, non-alcoholic wines or beers haven’t had the greatest reputation for being a satisfying alternative to their boozy counterparts.

But in recent years, low to zero-alcohol beverages (that don’t make you feel like you’ve been parked at the kid’s table) have become increasingly popular—it’s an industry forecast to grow 18 percent by 2023—and more sophisticated.

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Embracing this trend, family-owned New Zealand winery Giesen has brought Giesen 0% to the table, the world’s first alcohol-removed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. And rather than tasting just like grape juice, this actually tastes like regular white wine.

That’s because it’s created using the same process as Giesen’s full-strength variety, then the alcohol is “gently removed using advanced spinning cone technology which retains the flavours and aromas.”

The result is a crisp, flinty, classic Sav Blanc flavour that is super low calorie, and, perhaps best of all, non-hangover-inducing drop.

Rather unsurprisingly, pre-orders are sold out at the moment but we have fingers crossed it’ll be back soon.