ALDI’s high-protein low-carb is cheap and perfect for keto lovers

Want to eat bread without the guilt? ALDI is selling a high-protein low-carb keto-friendly loaf, which dietitians are praising. Here’s a nutritional comparison between ALDI’s bread and a generic health supermarket variety. 

From air fryers to gym equipment, ALDI is known for selling quality products at low prices.

Now, a dietitian has revealed the budget-friendly supermarket stocks a low-carb high-protein bread for only $4.99.

Brisbane-based dietitian Aidan Muir, took to Instagram to explain why ALDI’S Baker’s Life 85% Lower Carb Higher Protein bread is the perfect option for everyone, whether they’re dieting or not.

“Super high in fibre, protein and healthy fats, it ticks so many nutritional boxes that it is something that I have recommended even for people who are on slightly higher carb diets,” Muir captioned the post.

“In terms of calories, it comes out similarly to regular bread, but as you can imagine, it’s way more filling.”

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The dietitian illustrated how healthy the ALDI bread is compared to a generic popular supermarket loaf – in this case Helga’s Mixed Grain.

In comparison, the Helga’s variety – while still healthy – has 9.6g protein per 100g serve with the ALDI bread containing more than double that with 25.6g.

Moreover, just one serving size of the Helga’s bread has 43g of carbs with the ALDI version only containing 5.4g.

Although the ADLI bread contains a relatively high amount of fat – 13.9g – only 1.8g is saturated. Plus, it contains 11.6g of fibre per serve – nearly three times the amount found in the Helga variety.

Muir isn’t the first dietitian to give ALDI’s low-carb bread the tick of approval.

Referring to ALID’s bread, Dietitian Susie Burrell previously said it’s “hard to find fault with the lower-carb product” thanks to the combination of its great taste and near-perfect nutrition information.

“Now I am by no means a bread or carb hater, rather I have always recommended nutritionally rich, carb-controlled breads such as Burgen Soy Lin or Helga’s Lower Carb breads that combine a reduced carbohydrate load with all the wholegrain and fibre benefits found in a dense-grain bread,” Burrell said in an interview with

But ALDI’s buy seems to one-up both in flavour and nutrition.

“This unique profile has been achieved by blending wheat, soy and lupin proteins which gives the mouthfeel of bread, minus the heavy load of wheat flour found in regular bread. The addition of bucket loads of seeds means you end up with a higher-fat and higher-protein loaf.”