ALDI releases the best 5L air fryer for $70

Bargain supermarket ALDI is selling a 5L digital air fryer for a cheap $70. Here’s how you can get your hands on one before they sell out.

Air fryers have become the hottest kitchen appliance of 2020.

Retailers such as Kmart, Bunnings and Woolworths are continuously in competition for releasing the best and biggest air fryer for the cheapest amount.

If you haven’t bit the bullet and invested in one yet, firstly, please do. And secondly, here’s your chance to get your hands one quite possibly, the best one of the year.

As part of Aldi’s Special Buys, the budget-friendly supermarket is selling a massive 5L digital air fryer for a low $69.99 and will be available on Saturday November 14 until stocks last.

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The appliance features a sleep LED touch control display and has 10 different menu presets – think frying, roasting, preheating and cooking seafood and steak.

Unfortunately ALDI’s popular items sell out in seconds, so you’ll want to be one of the first customers at the door on November 14 if you want to get your hands on one.

For more information on the product, head here.