4 foods Sam Wood will never eat, no matter what

Balance is key when it comes to a healthy diet, but there are four foods that are completely off limits for Sam Wood.

I believe everyone should just eat real food. So, of course you’ll never catch me eating any meal replacement nonsense that you see marketed all over the place.

To be honest, things like shake diets are poisoning people’s minds just as much as their bodies.

If any diet or eating plan that you’re looking at doesn’t include real food, serious alarm bells need to be going off. Our bodies need nutrients from good carbs, healthy fats and lots of protein.

So, here are four foods you’ll never catch me eating – and why…

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4 foods Sam Wood will never eat

1. Shake diets

These ‘shake’ diets may result in quick weight loss, but that’s because you’re losing water and muscle.

They may be low in calories but they are high in processed ingredients and most importantly, your body gets absolutely no nutrient value. They are a complete marketing scam, do not go near them.

2. Whipped cream in a can

This is just one of those things that makes me cringe. Every now and then my little girl Eve tries to sneak it into the shopping trolley to make Sundae’s or her elaborate desserts and all I can do is roll my eyes.

3. Anything marketed as ‘low-fat’ or ‘sugar free’

Learning how to read food labels was the biggest eye opener for me and is such valuable knowledge. Low-fat options often go through additional processing to make them ‘low fat’. This often involves adding sugar or other additives to replace the fat.

Try to ignore any clever marketing and labels promoting low-fat, and instead go for the full-fat products for maximum nutrition.

4. Shellfish

I love fish and I can’t get enough of it. But tragically, I’ve never been a shellfish guy. Whether it be crayfish, oysters, abalone, it’s just never been my thing. This is just a personal preference and it’s not to say shellfish is bad for you, though.

Plus, it’s definitely not an ideal situation when your dad runs a seafood restaurant in Tasmania!

Sam Wood is the founder of 28 by Sam Wood.